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Why and when to consider a BPO

Everything you need to know to get higher quality and better performance of your business processes

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The post-pandemic “new normal”

It has been a truly challenging year. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a harmful impact on almost every business in every industry across the globe. The global country-wide lockdowns have created a “new normal” working environment, forcing companies to introduce and exploit all possibilities of remote working. Now more than ever, companies face challenges in surviving in the market, keeping their employees safe, and simply keeping their employees. Employee sustainability has been the most challenging as many employees couldn’t adapt to the new working conditions. Many people couldn’t work from home for many reasons making the situation worse for business owners and managers.

Why is BPO a good and important choice? Why is outsourcing certain business processes an important and smart choice?

Almost two years after the pandemic hit, the remote working environment has evolved to be something “hybrid” that is considered to be adapted as a long-term plan for many organizations. Some organizations will be able to pursue that, however others will not be able to. That’s exactly why BPOs exist: so companies can outsource the work that cannot be done within the company. Basically, a BPO company (most often) has employees working remotely from multiple locations across the globe, handling numerous queries simultaneously. In essence, BPO companies provide cost-effective solutions, experienced people, flexible business operations, efficient and timely response, and omnichannel experience. By outsourcing some of your work, you’ll no longer need to worry about your employee performance in a remote environment. The BPO company will handle the work for you, assuring performance metrics, making it a smart and important choice for getting your business results faster.

The constant growth of BPO industry

By 2025, it is estimated that BPO will become a standard instrument in the strategic management toolbox. Having massive growth globally, the outsourcing industry has become an attractive opportunity for companies to increase their overall efficiency while saving on additional costs.

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The main reasons to consider a BPO

The reasons are many and benefits are even more, but to make things easier, we’ll divide the most important reasons why you should consider outsourcing some of your business operations into three main categories:

1. Strategic

Running a business requires a lot of experience, knowledge, patience, strategic thinking, time, and of course, money. When running a business (no matter if small or large), you have to know the industry, know the market and all competitor key players, and you have to have a game-changing team of people who can transfer your goals into results. This all goes into the strategic reason to hire a BPO. Business Process Outsourcing will definitely help you strategize better. How? Well, simply put, if you focus solely on obtaining core business functions and work that matters most to growing your business, while outsourcing some part of the non-essential work or some part of your business you lack knowledge or manpower for, you’ll be able to reallocate your best resources onto the core strategic tasks and accelerate the growth of your business faster and easier. Focusing on core competencies is one of the core strategic approaches in every business. Also, by working with a BPO, you will get great experienced and talented specialists available at your disposal. This, in essence, means you’ll have top-level “employees” available without actually employing or going through the long process of recruiting and hiring.

2. Economic

BPOs are cost-effective. They require shorter commitments and smaller team sizes. This all helps you reduce overhead costs for the business and save valuable time (which can reduce costs even further). Think about all costs for setting up an office and building an onsite or remote infrastructure (both hardware & software), and on that add the time spent for selecting and interviewing candidates, all the hiring expenses, employee salaries and/or hourly rates, and employee benefits. If you consider all the time and money you’ll need to spend, Business Process Outsourcing is significantly cost-effective, or simply put: saves you money, a lot of your time, effort, and energy and more importantly, allows you to focus on other important business affairs. Another important economical part (and one most businesses take into consideration) is that if the Business Process Outsourcing partner you hire is located in an emerging economy, you will achieve additional costs through labor cost arbitrage.

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3. Technological

The digital age is ever-evolving, and technology is not only here to stay but improves with a blink of an eye. Today, every business, especially SaaS businesses, strongly relies on customer experience – and today, it has to be state-of-the-art! So, to perfect the ever-evolving customer experience and care, BPOs are continuously adopting the latest trends and technologies, offering digital, omnichannel, seamless, and innovative solutions. Empowering technology not as a threat but as a weapon, a good outsourcing partner utilizes the power of technology to deliver the best customer experiences and create an end-to-end united customer journey across all touchpoints. So, by working with a BPO, you automatically have access to the latest technology, skilled and trained people, and innovative solutions tailored to you, your business, and your customers.

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When is the best time to consider a BPO?

Yesterday. Literally. Every day is the best time to consider a BPO, especially if you have tons of work piled up your shoulders. But if you look back in everything said earlier, here are the best times to consider outsourcing and partnering with a BPO:

  • When you need to reduce or lower costs
  • When you need to grow your team but don’t have the time or cannot find the right personnel
  • When you need to focus on strategy and core or critical business matters
  • When you need or want to grow fast (start-ups and mature companies)

But like we’ve said so many times now – it all depends on the business type, size, needs, and opportunities. BPOs can be beneficial for both large and small companies & start-ups. They provide worldwide talents (most often available 24/7) regardless of the location of your business, and are specialized in the fields they’re working. They are cost-effective and take some of the non-essential work off your back. However, if you can, combine both in-house teams for some operations (i.e marketing, sales, operations etc.) and outsourcing partner for others (i.e call center, customer support, technical support, software development etc.), to see the greatest and fastest business results.

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