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Outsourcing customer service

Benefits of outsourcing customer service

Outsourcing customer service is the process of subcontracting an outside partner to manage your contact center operations and customer service interactions. Industry professionals will manage a team of outsourced agents who will learn your brand voice, product, and services and handle your customers’ queries.

Finding the right partner can be challenging and outsourcing has several risks. However, when done right, your business can benefit significantly from collaborating with the right outsourcing provider.

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7 benefits of customer service outsourcing

1. Significant savings

The most obvious (and probably the most important) reason for outsourcing is cost reduction, and that’s why it is found at the top of every list. The expense of hiring and training new staff, office setup, and infrastructure costs means outsourcing is the ideal solution. It eliminates unnecessary costs while allowing your organization to focus on core tasks. According to research, companies that transfer their customer support service to reputable outsourcing companies profit more than those struggling to maintain a proper in-house customer support team.

2. Access to a pool of talented professionals

In addition to reducing costs, outsourcing customer support saves you time by giving you access to a workforce that already has the necessary skills. Finding candidates with the correct skill sets can prove challenging, and hiring and training staff for a short-term period can be rather costly. By outsourcing, you don’t have to go to great lengths to instill skills and develop staff.

3. Access to technology resources

Outsourcing can assist your business in keeping up with technological changes. By utilizing the resources of outsourcing partners, you can avoid the investment in unproven technology and new equipment. You will benefit from their infrastructures, such as cutting-edge programs and CRM technologies that collect customer feedback and track customer behavior in order to provide the best customer service.

4. Flexibility and scalability

Outsourcing gives you wiggle room in terms of scalability, growth, and size reduction. You can hire a team with a short-term commitment, expand the team as your company grows, and reduce  size when necessary. Furthermore, if you are unhappy with the performance of the contact center, changing teams or providers is a much easier process than the HR nightmare of restructuring and rehiring.

5. Increased security and reduced risks

Strict compliance and security protocols are in place, as well as various methods for protecting against data breaches for most BPOs. Their reputation, along with NDAs and confidentiality agreements, will safeguard your proprietary information. Also, your BPO partner carries the uncertainty that comes with hiring on their shoulders, and you can rest assured that they will disclose with you the scope of work, performance metrics, and budgets, as they are contractually bound to do so.

6. Quality improvements

Outsourcing customer service allows you to concentrate on core business processes and your in-house team can focus on what they do best. Your HR and administrative staff will benefit greatly from outsourcing.When overburdened employees are forced to submit mediocre work, it results in reduced business performance and lower job satisfaction scores.

7. 24/7/365 customer service

Your business can make better use of all 24 hours by outsourcing work to partners in different time zones. Whether it’s a holiday or a weekend, customers still expect your priority to be resolving their issues. Employees on an offshore team are spread across multiple time zones, allowing the company to operate around the clock every day of the year.

Drawing a conclusion

Outsourcing benefits need to outweigh the risks. If your initial response to the idea of outsourcing is negative, it’s possible you just haven’t found the right partner yet.

Exceptional customer service providers offer services that are tailored to all types of businesses. A customer service BPO’s core business is delighting customers, and they invest heavily in their agents and technology to provide genuinely exceptional CX. Just remember, your customer service will be only as good as the quality of the contact center you outsource.

Frontlogix values your customers’ satisfaction. That’s why our teams of managers and highly skilled employees are thoroughly vetted for language skills and industry knowledge. We invest heavily in our customer service representatives –  from providing them with the technology and resources they need, to training on interpersonal communication, conflict resolution, crisis management, and tailored product and service knowledge.

Our mission is to provide our clients with dedicated CX and be the most successful, creative, and ground-breaking customer care service provider.