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Who We Are

FrontLogix is an innovative, next-generation customer experience and customer care provider that streamlines the way you engage with Your Customers.

About FrontLogix

We offer the best solutions for creating stronger customer relationships, increasing sales, and improving retention rates. We work with you to develop strategies that drive customer loyalty. We help you make the most of your customer data, create new customer experiences, and optimize your business processes. By investing in better customer service, you’ll find yourself with more satisfied customers who stay happy for extended periods—all while using less of your time and money!

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Our Mission And Vision

FrontLogix was founded with a single mission:

To be the most successful, creative, and ground-breaking customer care service! We approach each of our clients with fresh eyes to develop customized, unique strategies. We transform customer engagement into customer loyalty and increase the customer lifetime value. FrontLogix is not just another customer service provider! We are a unified front that makes your customers feel heard, appreciated, and happy!

Our promise in numbers

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65% of customers will abandon a brand if the customer care is inadequate, not knowledgeable, or not available. We promise to have our CX Specialists always understand your customers’ needs, never abandon your brand, and close the expectations gap.

Have 100% satisfied customers and provide 100% successful solutions.

Always serve the human approach. Use all the latest technology and innovative solutions combined with the best trained, most loyal, and experienced customer care representatives.

Show compassion, care, understanding, and yet complete the queries with 100% success.

Your dedicated team of our Customer Experience Specialists is always here for you and your customers. They are open and accessible whenever your potential or existing customers need them. They will accommodate no matter the time zone, business hours, or communications channels – as FrontLogix is multichannel!

We understand customers have all sorts of queries. We anticipate their questions, whether simple or complex. We always provide quality resolutions to any query your customers have. We’ll not only help your customers, but we’ll make them feel appreciated heard, and we’ll motivate them to love your brand even more.

Customers hate being on hold, those long waiting times (no matter how nice the music is). They just want their issues resolved right now. We’re here to do exactly that – help your customers, not in minutes but seconds!

We hear you, learn your business and know your needs. Our customer service representatives work with you, for you. They will always be there for you; they will always know to identify the root of the reported issue(s), determine the timeline, and provide solutions. They respect both your and your customers’ time. Communication is vital in both internal and external processes.

Your average customer uses at least three devices for communication. In their ideal world, they want a seamless transition among all devices. Picking up from tablet to smartphone to desktop to person—should be the foundation of the next-generation customer experience. FrontLogix conveniently picks things up across all channels: Email, Chat, SMS, Social Media, In-App Messaging at any given time, consistently.

Our CX Specialists will learn everything about your business, offers, strengths, and weaknesses. They are highly educated and trained to know and listen to your customers, understand their questions, and keep them happy.

Served customers are satisfied customers, and we at FrontLogix firmly believe in this cycle. Every situation has a solution, and we are here to provide one.
Both in the workplace and workforce, FrontLogix focuses on technology, innovation, and following the trends in the ever-changing digital age. Our employees are equipped with the latest technology, using all the information they need to serve your customers best and provide innovative ideas and approaches.
Yes, smartphones are almost one with people’s hands. Customers are all digital; they engage with multiple apps simultaneously and use self-checkout, self-payment, and voice commands. But once something goes wrong along the way, they all want to hear a human’s voice on the other side of the line. Yes, technology is a powerful enabler, but we believe humans help humans best. That’s why FrontLogix believes in automated experiences with both technology and human approach.

What We’ll Deliver

Improved Customer retention, High CLV, Repeat sales, Improved GM, Improved Churn Rate


Renewal Rates




Customer Effort Score (CES)


Call Quality

Remote, Flexible, Sustainable, Global

FrontLogix’s Work From Anywhere aligns perfectly with the future of work. It’s more than a trend. It’s our philosophy – we now have a work “site” anywhere we want as long as we have the right people on board. This cloud-based global “office” works and delivers perfectly for both clients and employees. We’re past the issue with having a limited number of physical sites: we’re expanding everywhere!

The Work From Anywhere model allows us to cover more languages and more client-friendly time zones. It’s easier and faster to find, recruit, hire, and onboard agents as the talent pool expand. It’s secure, transparent, superiorly managed, high quality, and more productive.

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Why Macedonia?

Located in Southeastern Europe, North Macedonia is growing to be one of the best outsourcing destinations globally for many reasons:


Macedonia is home to a large number of intelligent, well-educated, well-trained, and hard-working young people. Many people have bachelor's degrees (in communications, human resources, customer service, or something similar), and many more have post-graduate and even Ph.D. degrees.

Fluency in English

English has been recognized as an obligatory second language in all educational programs in Macedonia, and a large percentage of the population is fluent in the language. Furthermore, many young people in Macedonia speak at least three languages, can type sixty words per minute (far faster than the global average), and have diverse knowledge and interests.


Macedonians are incredibly polite, unbelievably compassionate, outrageously friendly, and always willing to help. This is ideal for providing an incredible customer experience through energetic, well-trained, educated, tech-savvy, and experienced agents who will always be there for you.


After participating in a high-tech project, North Macedonia became the first country to have complete access to a wireless broadband connection in 2006. People are tech-savvy and enjoy keeping up with technological advancements and trends.


Despite its small size, it’s located in South-East Europe. It has two international airports with excellent links to the rest of the globe and is within driving distance of numerous EU countries. It's also bright and warm for most of the year, and it looks and feels a lot like California, minus the ocean, but with the awesomely great food, rich culture, and fascinating past and history.