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Customer Journey; Explained

FrontLogix is here for you, every step of the way!

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Identifying the touchpoints

When we say identifying the touchpoints, we mean for you to be aware of any moment a customer can and will interact with your brand.

Your customers start their journey long before they purchase your product or subscribe to your services, when those are just an idea, a need, a wish, or a pain point. This is your first springboard.

Learn your customers’ intentions, motivations, pain points, and why they would choose your company among competitors. We at FrontLogix will help you collect all customer insights and use the data to help you identify patterns in how your customers feel at each interaction.

Here are all of the customer journey touchpoints:

FrontLogix can help you with


Support & help

Recommendation & Referral

Business needs

Comparing solutions

Research option

Making a decision


How can I use this?

Get in touch with your customers.

Our customer care representatives will contact your customers to learn more about their business needs and offer them your solutions. They will guide your customers along the comparing process, pointing out the benefits of your solution and why it would work best for them. They will also be available during the research process customers will make via chats and email support. Once your customers decide, our representatives will onboard them, ensuring they are settled with your service or product. The representatives will make your customers comfortable using your services or products and be there for them along with the usage, providing support and help with the items they do not understand. This all brings us to the happy customers who will recommend and refer your business to their friends, coworkers, or family and, at some point, renew their subscription.
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Customer-centric company

This overall process of understanding customer behavior and improving customer experience at each stage of the customer journey is crucial for FrontLogix. This will help turn business insights into business strategies. That is why FrontLogix will help you build that customer-centric company. With our help, you will understand customer behavior, know how they interact with your brand, and make their purchase decisions. You will have data-driven knowledge and reports and be able to improve your long-term business strategy quickly. All you need to do is be there for your customers and, more importantly, never miss out on a chance for a conversion. FrontLogix will help you promptly address all customers’ issues – no matter the place, the way, or the time. Because your customers are the ones who choose where, how, when, how often, and in what manner they will interact with you, we help you accomplish effortless interactions: voice, text, email, messaging, video. FrontLogix will adequately respond, as we know how customers always switch channels and expect you to be present and interact at any given time, and you will be. Our representatives at FrontLogix will grab their queries and have their questions answered seamlessly.

Don’t forget to listen.

Another thing you should be aware of is that many of your customers will still prefer to talk to a human person if they have a problem or if they cannot work it out. Having fantastic customer support means being willing to handle precisely those customers. Once again, FrontLogix has you covered. Our intelligent trained, and equipped human support representatives and our automation solutions will go that extra mile for your customers and pick the conversation at any point. Analyzing is the key to your success. Know and understand everything that happens with your customers: be aware of how they have behaved in the past, how they behave now and predict how they will behave in the future. FrontLogix provides in-depth data collection and analysis of your customers. We help you understand their behavior, define, collect relevant data, and suggest the best possible ways to optimize.