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What services to outsource to reach your Goals

You want to start outsourcing some non-essential work, but you’re uncertain where to start

Different industries, different businesses, different goals, right?

Yes, BUT if we’re being honest, the one true goal of every business, no matter the industry, is revenue growth. Also, every business owner thrives on happy, returning customers, return on investment, and increasing the market share. We can also add reducing employee turnover and increase satisfaction and productivity. Or, overall, improving company value, becoming a leader in the industry, and improving customer satisfaction. Quite a long list, right? And certainly not an easy one – especially if you’re just starting. Outsourcing some of your non-essential work will certainly help you out in the long run. No matter how big or small your goals are. This is an extensive guide on what to do and how to determine which services to outsource so you can focus on your primary business goals.

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Begin by developing an outsourcing strategy

Because outsourcing is a business investment, having a clear plan and implementing an outsourcing strategy is crucial. But what should an outsourcing strategy include?

  1. Outline the business goals. It is critical to clearly outline the business goals you intend to achieve through outsourcing for a project to succeed.
  2. Set a project structure. It will help you manage the project and ensure that the outsourcing team will meet the requirements.
  3. Be specific. Make a clear and extensive list of tasks you’d like to outsource and how and when you’d like them completed.
  4. Carefully plan the budget. This will affect the timeline, the number of hires, and the technologies and equipment you’ll be able to use.
  5. Determine your preferred outsourcing model. You can either go with a project-based or dedicated team model. In the first case, you’ll have the entire project handled by the BPO partner you choose. While in the second case, you can select a team from the BPO partner to work only for you and report directly to you.
  6. Carefully select your BPO partner. Examine portfolios, previous work, customer feedback, and referrals – carefully. Ascertain that they have the required knowledge, technology, and infrastructure (including, but not limited to both hardware and software)
  7. Define clear processes, roles, and responsibilities. This will help the project run smoothly.
  8. Have clear and frequent communication. Starting with a kick-off meeting, weekly follow-up meetings, and monthly report meetings. Make sure you determine the right channel and communication flow. All of this will keep you up to date with the project status and progress.
  9. Measure the productivity, the progress, and the results. This will allow you to see how the project is progressing, and whether it will fulfill your goals.

What services to outsource easily?

You’re already aware that outsourcing some of your jobs will free up time and energy. That way, you’ll be able to focus on your primary business objectives. But do you have a clear idea of what services to outsource efficiently?

Customer success management

Every company nowadays relies on positive client interactions, particularly favorable consumer feedback. Companies that deliver solutions using a SaaS model, in particular. Customer success is critical and unquestionable in SaaS! The CSM is your frontline to the customers. It ensures everything goes smoothly after making a purchase or any other customer-related interactions, issues, and critical concerns.

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Customer support & experience

The quality of the customer service has a direct effect on sales. The damage one unhappy customer can do to a business is unimaginable! Especially today when people publicly express their thoughts on products or services all over the internet. Customer service (CS & CX) is a genuinely challenging aspect of running a business. If one does not have enough workforce, it’s best to consider outsourcing it to a BPO call center. Outsourcing your CX will save you time and money (usually because of the lower-cost labor). But also it will deliver better results (because of trained agents with the specific skillset).

Back office services

All services like accounting & finance, billing support, research & development, and IT & software tech helpdesk can and should be outsourced. And this is especially recommended for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). It would make your life so much easier if you didn’t have to know everything about fulfilling compliance standards connected to bookkeeping, tax regulations to follow, and internet security infrastructures, and if you could leave all of it in the hands of a dedicated professional.

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Sales generation, management & support

Small enterprises usually don’t have big sales teams. There’s often one person for the job, which is wrong on so many levels. Sales management is one of the essential parts of running a company. You’ll never attain your profit goal if you’re not closing deals. Therefore, outsourcing sales will help you nurture and convert leads. It will help your business grow, make sure you always have great and happy customers, and close deals!

Human Resources

Recruiting is a long, complex, and time-consuming process. It requires developing job descriptions, hunting for suitable candidates, and endless rounds of interviews. All of this will not only cost you money & time but your energy as well. And having good HR managers in-house is quite expensive too. All of this makes outsourcing human resources the right and smart choice.

Marketing, Research, and Development

Whether launching a new product, adding something to your marketing mix, or simply expanding to more new markets, regions, and places, you’ll need thorough research. You need to know the market, the product, the competition, and the entire industry. As a result, you’ll need hands-on expertise in research, development, and marketing. However, if you lack the necessary knowledge, expertise, skillset, or people on board, this will be yet another challenging job. Outsourcing all those operations is definitely something to consider moving forward.

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The key takeaways

By now, you should have a good idea of which services to outsource to BPO professionals. But also, how you can choose your best BPO partner. We at FrontLogix provide exceptional outsourcing services to all of your needs. We’re committed to delivering and developing a customer-centric business model that will boost customer satisfaction, improve revenue, and lower costs. We’ll work together to develop strategies that will increase customer loyalty. We will help you make the most of your customer data, create new customer experiences, and optimize your business processes.

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