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FrontLogix is here for you every step of the way!

We know your business and brand are unique, but so are your customers.

There isn’t one alike. We also know that understanding your customers, asking them questions, listening to their responses, and acting on their feedback adds to an extraordinary customer experience. Implementing a system for collecting feedback, analyzing it, and working on it while solving specific problems and answering specific needs is FrontLogix’s top priority. Frontlogix combines customer and data intelligence and provides all technologies and services to deliver consistent and mind-blowing omnichannel customer engagement, analytics, personalization, and overall customer experience.

When it comes to customer service emails, we like to stand out! We sound personal, friendly, and natural — just how we’d talk to them if they were standing right there. But, maintaining the quality of each email sent every day is a challenging job to do! We at FrontLogix, driven by customer-centric culture, know the importance of quality emails, which is why we never compromise. Your customers will get the attention they need and desire.

Without a doubt; chat is the fastest way to support your customers, especially when they’re always chatting on their devices. This helps you solve the problem as they appear, answering literally in seconds. Being so fast and convenient adds up to a fantastic customer experience.

Whether your customers need onboarding, help, or simply welcoming or engaging your customers, FrontLogix is here to assist various customer service scenarios with our In-app messaging. We’ll identify the user’s pain points, assist them moving forward, and facilitate the customer support process while your customers are using your app. We support all leading messaging platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, Apple business iMessage, WeChat, LINE, Telegram, Skype, and many more.

For those who don’t use the Live chat, FrontLogix also offers SMS customer service and support – providing all relevant answers and solutions to your customers via SMS text messaging, all text-based, real-time, right into your customers’ native text messaging app.

Meeting your customers exactly where they are is another essential part of the customer-centric culture, and they are on Social Media. No matter the channel, FrontLogix offers responses through social media quickly and conveniently because solving an issue right away is the essential part of excellent customer support.