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How to make your business recession-proof during economic downturns

Where to make cuts

  1. Focus most of your attention on your core competencies and outsource the rest. Your core competencies have gotten you this far, and they should be able to get you through the economic downturn. Focus on them and outsource everything else. Find a Business Process Outsourcing partner that is located in a country with an emerging economy. Since living expenses in developing countries are much lower compared to Western countries, so is the median wage. Turning to outsourcing will help you reduce workforce costs through labor cost arbitrage.

    Cut back on office and technology costs. Consider moving to less expensive premises and introducing remote work. Again, outsourcing proves beneficial for cost-savings. Think of all the expenses involved in the upkeep of the offices, the technology, subscription services, and infrastructure (both hardware & software). With outsourcing, you can access the newest technologies without making further investments.

Where not to make cuts

  1. Customer Experience, Customer Care, and Customer Service quality should remain above par and show no signs of potential internal turmoil. As the labor market cools – so does consumer spending. Customers are the lifeblood of the business – and you need your loyal customers now more than ever. This is actually a golden opportunity to distinguish your brand from the competition. Many companies will fall back on below-average CX due to cutting costs on manpower and partnering up with a BPO that doesn’t deliver quality services.

    Many businesses fall into the trap of subcontracting a particular BPO solely because it offers incredibly affordable services, failing to consider how that practice may prove detrimental. Remember: your customers don’t differentiate your customer care provider from your business. They can quickly tell if an agent is well-trained and knowledgeable. Make sure that you don’t underestimate the importance of your BPO agents’ written and verbal communication skills. They are literally the voice of your business.

    At FrontLogix, we thoroughly screen all applicants for verbal and written communication skills. All of our Customer Care agents possess extensive knowledge of conversational English and technical vocabulary by studying it from the first grade. Once vetted through a 6-stage process, the candidates are trained on proper etiquette, current technology, single-call resolution for inbound and outbound calls, and the specifics of each client’s product or service.

  2. Marketing and advertising Even though it might seem counterproductive now is the time to step up your marketing efforts. During a recession, many companies feel pressured to cut back on their advertising budgets – leaving a void that the savviest businesses will seize upon. Trounce the competition by winning their customers over and strengthening your market position.
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