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Workforce Management (WFM) services

Successful Workforce Management involves two things: A great WFM system and a knowledgeable partner that offers Workforce Management (WFM) services.

Workforce Management (WFM) has made its way into every sector, from WFM in contact centers to WFM in customer support, HR departments, and accounting. Well-implemented WFM can reduce labor costs, increase efficiency through better planning, provide higher levels of customer service, and boost team morale.

Successful Workforce Management involves two things:

  • A great WFM system for the company’s needs
  • The right people to ensure the best performance of the WFM system

Choosing the right WFM system

There are numerous WFM systems available. Some software is stand-alone and focused on a single task, whereas others provide a broader suite of cloud solutions. Choosing the optimal software depends on the company’s size, industry, business objectives, and needs.

Choosing the right WFM experts

WFM solutions can assist you in managing all aspects of your employees’ work assignments. From tracking time and attendance, allocating tasks, scheduling shifts, budgeting, and forecasting demand, WFM software is an excellent solution for increasing operational efficiency.

Since WFM technologies cover many focus areas, ensuring a proper system implementation, developing a WFM strategy, and providing adequate workforce training is essential.

While system setup and employee training can be costly, outsourcing WFM expertise can help you make the most of your WFM data. It will help you ease worries about resource limits, inadequate system implementation, and ineffective data management and usage – all at a significantly reduced cost.

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Benefits of WFM-managed services:

Built on our 20+ years of workforce management experience, FrontLogix’s WFM services deliver highly relevant, on-demand management skills integrated with your WFM solution to achieve outcomes like:

  • Improved customer experience by providing timely and proper service.
  • Improved company profits through the utilization of experienced WFM resources at a lower cost.
  • Reduced investment losses due to staff churn by eliminating the need for hiring and training new employees.
  • Increased product adoption by ensuring that your customers become aware of your product, perceive its value, and become regular users.
  • Increased employee productivity through setting employee benchmarks and taking corrective action if employees fall short of expectations.
  • Eliminated training costs of in-house personnel by offering a learning management system (LMS) solution. This will help reduce in-house training costs while providing comprehensive instruction from experienced pros.
  • Increased service levels by offering profound insights into how your company operates and indicating any potential areas for development.
  • Improved forecasting and time management by delivering a precise plan and a reliable forecast.
  • Improved agent adherence and utilization by providing precise adherence data and highlighting areas where agents thrive. As a result, WFM analysts will benefit from a better understanding and application of contact center trends.
  • Optimizing omnichannel support through WFM-managed services will assist you in ensuring the correct agent with the relevant skills is available on the right channel.
(WFM) services

WFM-managed services

FrontLogix offers a full spectrum of WFM Services to help you build business excellence. From strategic WFM support to cost management improvements, we are here to guide you through every step.

FrontLogix’s WFM-managed services include:

Strategic WFM support and consultation

Provide your WFM team with the most important insights and the best possible knowledge and assistance combined with your WFM system.

Precise data integration in your WFM system

By ensuring the data is inputted accurately and correctly, your team will operate better and smarter.

Help in labor forecasting and scheduling

By helping you understand and model scenarios, your company can receive an accurate labor forecast.

Optimization of workforce resources

By conducting a thorough audit, we can pinpoint where inefficiencies lie and help you address them effectively. We can also provide insights on time tracking, absence mitigation, and overtime management.

Access to skilled and experienced WFM advisors

We can provide experienced WFM advisors at a competitive cost.

Comprehensive reporting

Comprehensive reporting enabled by our team of experts will help you get the most out of data and aid you by extracting and analyzing information and providing comprehensive reports.

Management analytics

By assisting your management team in analyzing data and historical trends across various key indicators, we can help you make the most of your WFM software, and access and interpret real-time data.

Efficiency enhancement

Facilitated by an improved organization and customization from our WFM experts, your WFM team can run smarter, better, and more efficiently.

Cost management

Our cost management solutions will assist your company in rethinking its fixed expenditures, reducing variable costs, and performing effective budgeting.

Performance monitoring

Through performance monitoring and measuring employee productivity, we can help you improve your work quality and deliver a superior customer experience.

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Our partners benefit from our decades-long experience as pioneers in workforce management. FrontLogix’s services include labor forecasting and scheduling, development of scheduling rules, identification and implementation of best practices, and our large pool of tactical knowledge.