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The customer-centric business model

What makes us unique

Hands down, successful businesses are obsessed with delivering mind-blowing customer experiences. The latest trends are shifting from profit-centric to customer-centric, but building a customer-centric business model and excellent customer experience requires company-wide commitment and trustworthy partners. This is precisely what FrontLogix offers.

It’s what we do BEST – putting your brand and your people first and above anything else. We keep on reminding you that the better experience your customers have, the more repeat customers, referrals, loyalty, and positive reviews you’ll get. Think of the CX as the holistic perception of your brand to your customers. Every interaction they have with your brand, starting from navigating the website to talking to the CX Specialist, will impact their perception and ultimately their decision to come back or not. FrontLogix is here to make them come back and bring their friends along. We’re offering tailored support that helps you capture more leads and improve conversion rates. We genuinely care about your customers’ feedback; having the highest CSAT is the core of everything we do. While keeping your customers pleased, we aim to keep on reducing your TCO so you’ll be able to meet all your business needs.

Anything from account information, updating details, bills, payment guidance, postage funding, Purchase Power, and other account management topics – we’re here to help. Efficiently. A relevant Support Desk will handle your customers’ queries, and a FrontLogix representative will immediately get in touch with your customers by email or phone. Immediately.

It’s essential to derive maximum value from your Software. And Our Tech Support teams are here to help. We’ll support, maintain, and enhance your software, product, or platform to obtain the best customer experience crucial for your brand and business. We include remote troubleshooting, installation and usability assistance, process monitoring, and optimization.

We understand the first impression is essential to getting to the next step. So, YES, we can help you generate more sales. We’ll find the right contacts to attract, build email databases, call and email prospects and set up introductions. Our professionals will help you nurture and convert leads, and they’ll be there to help you grow and make sure you always have great and happy customers.

Nowadays, every business depends on positive customer relationships and predominantly on positive customer feedback. Particularly companies that provide solutions through a SaaS format. The value of customer success in SaaS is essential and absolute! So, as a business owner, it’s up to you to set your business goals, and it’s up to us to help you move toward the ever-evolving desired outcome. FrontLogix teams’ ultimate goal is to help you be as successful as possible for as long as possible. As traditional Account Management is a thing from the past, Customer Success-driven growth is here to stay. We approach each of our clients by Analyzing and Segmentation, setting up and managing the expectations, leveling up the communication, and measuring the operations and results. We provide experienced Customer Success Managers (CSM) that will do success metrics tracking by monitoring specific customer KPIs and the likelihood of churn in addition to other indicators such as net promoter score (NPS), customer satisfaction (CSAT), and customer effort score (CES). But most importantly, what we genuinely care about is to maintain your current subscribers and get even more happy and satisfied ones.

Much like you, we also love CLOSING DEALS! We’re here to help you find sales opportunities and do all the background work to assist your sales reps in focusing only on selling and closing deals. Our people start working before your salespeople even meet your potential customers. With our automation and digital tools, we gather, analyze, and sort all the relevant data for your sales team. Only after closing the deal does our work start! We’ll continue our customer outreach and follow-up work, ensuring we deliver a mind-blowing customer experience.