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Overcome WFM resource constraints.

Resource scheduling and omnichannel forecasting from the pros!

We know the right people are hard to find, and system implementation and employee training are even harder! You no longer have to worry about resource constraints with FrontLogix’s WFM services. We provide highly skilled on-demand management expertise integrated with your WFM solution based on our 20+ years of workforce management experience.

FrontLogix will help you with every aspect of a WFM program, from strategic advice on choosing the best WFM solution for your needs to labor forecasting and scheduling, the development of scheduling rules, the identification and implementation of best practices, and providing access to tactical WFM knowledge whenever necessary.

We will guide you through developing a best-in-class WFM strategy and will be there for you at every step of your project roadmap to ensure your WFM solution performs optimally and seamlessly.

FrontLogix WFM-managed services


Your WFM team will get the most important insights and the best possible knowledge and assistance as an addition to your WFM system.


FrontLogix will help you understand and model scenarios so your company can receive an accurate labor forecast.


Managers can use your WFM software to access and interpret real-time data. FrontLogix can assist your management team in analyzing data and historical trends across various key indicators.


We can help you fully understand all costs and expenses associated with the manufacturing process and revenue generation. That is, helping your company rethink its fixed costs, reduce variable costs, and perform proper budgeting.


You’ll have an expert WFM analyst at your disposal at a competitive cost.


We’ll ensure the data is precisely and correctly entered in, providing critical information, so your team can work better and smarter.


No more idle agents or underutilized assets. We’ll do a full audit and let you know where inefficiencies lie and how to best address them. We can also provide insights about time tracking, absence, and overtime management.


Our team of experts will help you get the most out of data! We’ll help in extracting and analyzing information and provide comprehensive reports.


With better organization and customization from our WFM experts, your WFM team will be able to run smarter, better, and more efficiently.

Because we know it is essential to maintain work quality, measure employee productivity, and improve the customer experience.