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How to improve Customer Experience

If you’ve read previous entries of this blog, you already know the importance of exceptional Customer Experience and its impact on business growth. But reaching Next-Gen  Customer Experience is not an easy job! This guide reveals what to do to take your customer experience to the next level!

It’s all about the people.

No matter what the tech companies say about chatbots and AI, you still have to have the right people! No software will help customers as much as talking to a real human will. So, to improve Customer Experience, you need to have a dedicated team of our Customer Experience Representatives (CXRs) who will always be there to take proper care of your customers. This team of skillful, knowledgeable, resourceful, creative, educated, well-trained, and helpful people will be accessible whenever your potential or existing customers need them. They’ll listen to your customers, understand their questions, and keep them happy. Your team needs to prioritize learning everything about your business, its products, competition,  strengths, and weaknesses and knowing how to provide solutions best to help your business grow.

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Get there on time

Customers hate being on hold, no matter how nice the music is. They just want their questions answered or their issues resolved. Not in minutes, seconds. And at any time, day or night. So, no matter the time zone, business hours, or communications channels – You. Have. To. Be. There.

The Omnichannel experience

Leverage all the channels you have available. This way, your customers will be able to seamlessly connect and pick up where they left off on one channel and continue on another. That’s exactly what customers expect from brands—seamless communication and exceptional care. Delivering the omnichannel experience is challenging but will level up your customer experience and business growth when done right. Here are a few tips on how you can improve the omnichannel experience.

1.     Mobile-Friendly

Apart from being informative, stable, and fast, you should make your website mobile-friendly and responsive. Most of your customers will access your site from their smartphones, and the first impression they receive is the most important one.

2.     Live chat support

Have a chat ready with quick and instant replies or for connecting with a CXR. Live chats are an excellent tool for immediate response and an appropriate bridge for linking with a CXR.

3.     Social support

Customers need to find you via social media. Social channels are some of the most powerful review tools where customers refer to and recommend brands. If you have the proper communication and support on social, it will massively add to your CX equation.

4.     FAQ knowledge base

While some customers may contact you for an immediate answer, some customers would rather read a FAQ or watch a video. Therefore, having a self-service knowledge base is definitely a good idea.

5.     Email support

Have an email dedicated to your customer’s queries, and check it frequently. Reply to their emails immediately, and provide solutions right into their mailboxes. But also, use email as your marketing tool. It all adds up to the funnel.

6.     Phone & SMS support

Always have a dedicated support number available for your customers.  A line which they’ll be able to reach at any time. And if they prefer to text instead of call, give them that too. They will appreciate the effort.

7.     In-app support

Finally, have a prepared solution for all of your customers who don’t text or call and don’t prefer email or live chat. Find out the channel or the app they use and be there. Provide support via Messenger, WhatsApp, and any other platform your customers use and find valuable. Adjust to their communication habits and show up in the right places. You will not believe the satisfaction you’ll get with such a simple step.

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The Bottom line

Customers will have all sorts of questions. While you can’t predict everyone, you can foresee how customers will try and get in touch to ask them. Make sure you make it easy to contact you in the ways they prefer.  They need to feel appreciated and heard because served customers are satisfied customers! We at FrontLogix firmly believe in this cycle. Every situation has a solution, and we are here to provide one. Learn more about FrontLogix services here.

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