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Acing Customer Experience During Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Remember the $211.7 billion spent online in November and December 2022? 

In the online shopping landscape, the battle for customer attention and loyalty is won (and lost!) on the virtual shelves of your website. And as we gear up for another shopping season, it’s time to zoom in on what really matters: the online customer experience (CX) and support.

With that in mind, here are some key strategies to elevate your online customer experience and ensure your brand not only attracts but also retains new and repeat customers during this bustling season:

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Everyone is offering discounts. What makes you different?

During the holiday season, every retailer is shouting about discounts. Sure, slashed prices and special deals are great, but they’re everywhere. So, the real question is, what can make your brand’s voice stand out amidst the noise of sales and discounts?

It’s about adding value beyond the price tag. Think personalized experiences tailored to individual customer preferences. Imagine a customer visiting your site and finding curated product suggestions aligned with their past purchases or interests – this level of personalization speaks volumes more than a generic 20% off banner.

If you play it right, you will win new (repeat) customers

The holiday season is more than just a peak shopping period; it’s a golden opportunity to expand your customer base. New shoppers will be flocking to your site, drawn by deals and the festive spirit, giving you the perfect chance to ‘WOW’ them. Impress them now, and they’re likely to return long after the holiday frenzy has faded.

But, if their experience falls even slightly below expectations, the reasons won’t matter much to them. From the customer’s viewpoint, the final experience counts, regardless of whether you’re short-staffed or juggling thousands of orders

That is why, efficient and responsive support is now more important than ever.

** PwC’s insights show that for 73% of customers, the quality of CX sways their purchase decisions. 

Efficient and responsive Support is now more important than ever

There is good, and then there’s exceptional customer service. In a sea of automated responses and long wait times, being known for prompt, genuine, and helpful customer service can elevate your brand significantly.

 ** According to a report by American Express, more than half of Americans have scrapped a planned purchase or transaction because of bad service. So, good service isn’t just nice to have; it’s a potent differentiator.

It’s not just about having a support system in place; it’s about scaling it to meet the heightened demands. Good forecasting is key here. Anticipate the surge in customer queries and transactions, and prepare by augmenting your support team with additional agents. This proactive approach not only addresses customer needs but also ensures minimal wait times and peak efficiency.

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Leveraging AI and chatbots

Now, let’s not forget about leveraging technology like AI and chatbots. These tools are game-changers in providing quick, personalized customer support. During the busy holiday season, AI chatbots can handle multiple queries at once, drastically reducing wait times.

However, it’s essential not to lean too heavily on automation. According to Qualtrics’ Consumer Report for 2024, there’s a delicate balance to maintain. Consumers today are somewhat skeptical about AI, mainly due to concerns that it might undercut the human connection they deeply value. This wariness towards AI-driven customer service is rooted in a desire for more personal, human interactions. The report indicates a clear preference among consumers for human-led channels over automated ones. So, while embracing technology is crucial, it’s equally important to preserve that human element that customers still greatly appreciate.

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Seamless Omni-Channel: syncing digital and physical

The goal is to create a synchronized retail ecosystem where your online presence and brick-and-mortar stores complement and enhance each other. When a customer spots a product on your website, they should expect to see it on your store shelves, too. This consistency goes beyond just products. It extends to the messaging and feel of your brand, too.

Also, enabling customers to handle returns or exchanges through any channel adds a layer of convenience that resonates with modern shoppers, making their interactions with your brand smooth and memorable.

Website and mobile optimization

Imagine a customer eager to take advantage of a holiday deal, but they’re stuck waiting for a page to load. That delay can be the difference between a sale and a lost opportunity.

The holiday season brings a surge in online traffic, making it crucial that your website runs smoothly and efficiently. Improving your site’s speed and performance is key. 

Optimization techniques, like compressing images and minimizing HTTP requests, not only enhance page load speeds but also improve user engagement and search engine rankings. Remember, a fast-loading website is more than just convenient; it reflects the efficiency and reliability of your brand.

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Streamlined checkout as the final CX frontier

Next up is the checkout process – the final and perhaps most crucial step in the online shopping journey — converting browsing to buying. Simplifying this journey by removing unnecessary steps and integrating auto-fill options for shipping and payment can significantly enhance user experience. This streamlines the path from cart to purchase, which is crucial in capturing sales during the high-traffic holiday season.

Turn the end of a sale into a beginning of a relationship

Finally, the customer journey doesn’t end with the sale. If you want to make a one-time translation into a repeating one, post-sale follow-up, like sending personalized thank you emails, adds a thoughtful touch that can turn a one-time shopper into a loyal customer. These emails can include personalized product recommendations or special offers on future purchases, showing customers that their business is valued and appreciated.

This season of shopping frenzy, go beyond the good ol’ discount. Offer not just a product, but an experience that stays with your customers. It’s not about being the loudest in the room; it’s about being the voice that speaks directly to your customers’ needs and desires.

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