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Re-balancing the scales: better balancing digital tools and human connection

But the increased digital-first approach has produced another side effect.

digital tools

The side effect of over-digitalization

Customers want digitally powered human connections

However, customers still prefer to resolve specific issues with AI assistance and self-help solutions. Customers find that self-help is much more convenient when it comes to simple queries. They like taking matters into their own hands and appreciate the quick resolution that comes with handling their issues.

When deciding between self-service and an agent, time and complexity of the task are key considerations. While opting for self-service for simple queries, customers still prefer human assistance for more complex issues. The ideal CX strikes a fine balance between human and digital.

To satisfy the full range of customer expectations, customer service teams must have the tools, systems, processes, and, most importantly, knowledgeable people that work together seamlessly.

How to make the CX more human?

#1 Investing in technology and humans

#2 Active listening


#3 Personalized omnichannel experience

When there is no human interaction, omnichannel personalization provides a means to make the experience more human. It enables customer journey customization based on the specific needs of each individual customer, resulting in enhanced upsell and conversion potential.

It combines marketing, distribution, and communication channels into a single customer database. You can present targeted offers as customers browse your website and tailor suggestions throughout the buyer’s journey. You can target customers with new products and campaigns through their social media feeds by tracking browser behavior and abandoned carts.

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