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6 things Contact Centers should do in 2024

Beyond the significant focus on AI by CX decision-makers, there are 6 things Contact Centers should do in 2024 to improve performance, deliver superior CX, and beat the competition.

Breaking away from negative perceptions

It’s no secret the reputation of contact centers has been a mixed bag throughout the years. With only 4% of consumers reporting better brand experiences, it’s clear that 2023 wasn’t the best year for contact centers. There’s still a lot of room for improvement in empowering agents and making customers happy.

6 things Contact Centers should do in 2024

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#1 Decreasing Call Wait Time

Companies have struggled to win and maintain customer loyalty – battling with complaints of low First Call Resolution (FCR) and long wait times – with customers spending up to 13 hours on hold each year.

With two-thirds of customers considering switching to a competitor after being placed on hold for too long, the tackling wait times is the first in line for improvement in 2024.

To do so – embrace moving to the cloud. User-friendly cloud-based call center solutions will let your team scale up or down to meet customer needs. You can operate a work-from-anywhere organization and have an agent on call ready to plug in during unexpected call spikes.

Also, set up automated skill-based routing and IVR flows. Your company can easily reduce wait times and limit customer frustration by implementing intelligent routing like an automatic call distribution system.

#2 Improving First Call Resolution rates

#3 Don’t rush to escalate tickets

This one is tied to the previous item. It’s important to train and challenge reps, so they build the necessary knowledge to address more complex issues.

The fewer times a ticket is transferred, the fewer times the customer needs to reintroduce themselves or explain their concern, and the faster problems are resolved. Customers will end up frustrated if their ticket could’ve been handled without bouncing from agent to agent.

Regularly review your escalated tickets to determine what the team may have done differently and whether extra training is required.

#4 Eliminating robotic AI for a more human CX

A recent UJET survey found that interacting with a chatbot is a ‘complete waste of time’ for 72% of respondents. As a result, an increasing number of businesses are abandoning bots in favor of human customer service.

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#5 The desire for a better human connection

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#6 Acing CX through omnichannel personalization

It is true that many contact centers still struggle with implementing effective omnichannel personalization strategies. This may be due to a variety of factors, including a lack of resources, outdated technology, or a lack of integration between different systems and channels.

But the benefits of an omnichannel approach shouldn’t be dismissed. Investing in an omnichannel communication platform can return the investment tenfold.

The most obvious benefit is increased efficiency. When your reps have the entire customer interaction history in front of them, they can easily locate the issue and offer a solution without having to spend time switching between applications. According to Cornell University research, it takes users an average of nine and a half minutes to return to a productive workflow after switching between programs. An omnichannel communication platform eliminates those 9 minutes.

The second benefit is improved customer experience. Omnichannel personalization enables contact centers to provide a seamless and consistent customer experience across all channels, leading to increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and sales.

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In summary

At the end of the day, most people just want quick solutions without having to repeat themselves and listen to automated messages for hours on end. Digitally saturated and hungry for meaningful human connections, customers still prefer phone calls to every other channel. While technology allows for quick and efficient new means of service, the humanized customer experience inspires true brand loyalty. Providing an exceptional CX means truly understanding what the customer wants and delivering it quickly, personally, and relevantly. With the loss of purchasing power,  2024 will be the year when the gap between good and outstanding CX widens, with only the best of the best emerging as winners.