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Sales Support

Improve sales processes, offload frontline sellers, and boost productivity to increase sales and achieve better business results by outsourcing sales support services!

Your salespeople should be able to focus solely on sales.

This means the sellers work should be lean and effective, and there shouldn’t be any administrative or technical tasks, like sales support, that get in the way. This is the ideal model for how businesses would like their operations to run. That goal, however, is not always attainable.

And that’s the mission of Frontlogix sales support: to offload sales representatives so they can focus on what they do best. This means more sales, improved productivity, and better overall results. Using automation and digital tools, FrontLogix gathers, analyzes, and presents the relevant data to your sales team.

And our work doesn’t stop when the deal is closed. 
We’ll continue customer outreach and follow-up to ensure a mind-blowing customer experience.
  • Monitoring customer accounts for potential sales opportunities

  • Investigating new sales opportunities and reporting them to upper sales management.

  • Training and sales rep management

  • Generating leads and appointment setting