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Premium CX services without the premium price. How does FrontLogix do it

In the business world, there’s a common dilemma for companies aiming to be known for both great prices and high-quality services.

The truth is that these two concepts often clash in clients’ perceptions. 

Higher prices can reflect the cost of specialized expert knowledge or advanced technology, positioning the business as a premium solution provider. 

On the other end, competitive pricing can demonstrate value-driven solutions, enabling businesses to gain a competitive edge.

However, many believe that lower prices often result from reduced costs, and such cost-cutting may imply compromised service quality.

Challenging this belief isn’t easy, but it’s achievable.

How did FrontLogix establish a reputation for having premium services without the premium price?

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1. Prioritizing talent pool quality over mere cost considerations

Organizations are defined by their people. This truism is even more relevant when exploring offshore outsourcing, where the potential benefits of cost-saving come with the challenges of navigating cultural nuances. 

Differences in communication, behavior, and business practices can hamper collaboration. Also, what’s considered good quality in one culture might be seen as just okay or not good enough in another.

FrontLogix has always recognized this dynamic. While we acknowledge the benefits of cost-effective offshore outsourcing, our commitment remains to quality service and skilled talent.

2. Strategically choosing North Macedonia for our delivery center

In our effort to balance cost-effectiveness and high-quality service, we had a clear objective: find a location and team that aligns with FrontLogix’s standards. After thorough research, North Macedonia stood out as our top choice for a key delivery center.

Here’s why:

  • Educational Excellence: N. Macedonia is home to a large number of intelligent, well-educated, and dedicated young professionals. Many have earned their bachelor’s degrees, with a significant number also holding post-graduate degrees and even Ph.D.s.

 The strong educational system, coupled with a cultural emphasis on lifelong learning, has produced a workforce that’s not only skilled but also highly educated and adaptive to the evolving demands of the global market.

  • Language Proficiency: In 2007, North Macedonia’s education system made English a mandatory subject from the first grade. As a result, many now speak both their native language and English fluently, with a third language being taught in schools as a mandatory third language, though the specific language is optional.
  • Low Cost of Living: As a non-EU member, North Macedonia’s cost of living significantly undercuts that of its Western European counterparts. This translates to competitive labor costs—economical in contrast to 85% of European nations.
  • Political Stability: North Macedonia, a member of NATO, provides a secure and stable setting for both its residents and investors. This membership assures safety and builds a trustworthy environment for businesses and investors looking to operate in the area.

3. FrontLogix’s proven WFM experience

FrontLogix draws from a rich 20-year history in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Workforce Management (WFM) innovation. 

It was built on the foundations of 800 Direct, a BPO company that provided 24/7 contact center and customer relationship management services to Fortune 500 companies; and Monet Software Inc., which introduced the industry’s first cloud-based workforce optimization solutions for contact centers (acquired by Verint Systems in 2019).

This rich backdrop in the contact center space was instrumental in creating FrontLogix, positioning us as a next-generation CX BPO, fundamentally rooted in WFM principles.

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4. How our experience translates into cutting costs

Our longstanding experience means we’ve mastered the intricacies of Workforce Management (WFM) systems. This mastery allows us to set up these systems properly, which in turn provides us with accurate data to anticipate staffing needs. Good data hygiene is essential to create a clear staffing roadmap.

Using this knowledge, we can make informed decisions regarding the number of outsourced agents we allocate for our clients. In periods when there’s a surge in demand, we can quickly ramp up the number of agents to handle the increased workload. On the other hand, during quieter phases, we scale down without compromising efficiency.

This approach allows us to provide the best value to clients. By optimizing agent counts based on real-time demands, we guarantee both operational excellence and optimal cost management for our clients.

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