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Playvox: powerfully simple workforce engagement management (WEM) solutions

An agent-empowering suite of workforce, quality, performance, learning, and gamification.

Why Playvox

Playvox WEM is a digital-centric, cloud-native solution that is built for the modern customer service center. Leverage real data, not estimates, to accurately plan staff across asynchronous and synchronous interactions.

Businesses have the ability to support multi-step cases/ tickets for WEM. Easily integrate with leading CCaaS and CRM platforms to consolidate technology and create a more seamless agent experience. Across the platform, businesses will have access to real-time data in seconds, not minutes, to take immediate action and improve experience and efficiency.

With Playvox, you will see fast time to value and have a global support team with staff in the U.S., Latin America, Europe & APAC regions.

Key Features

Workforce Engagement Management software that empowers you to deliver exceptional experiences through real-time insights into your operations.
AI-driven forecasting, automated scheduling, and real-time insights to help you manage your workforce
Manage the complexity inherent in forecasting with AI-driven algorithms that let you leverage historical data easily.
Quickly pinpoint and prioritize skill development opportunities within your customer service teams.
Deliver agent performance breakthroughs via consistent, effortless, and automated coaching tied directly to quality results.
Monitor agent performance and drive better customer outcomes.
Effortlessly deliver online courses and quizzes for your customer service teams.
Acknowledge and incentivize your agents by awarding points for their Quality, Coaching, Learning, and overall Playvox achievements.
Oversee and assess your KPIs, tracking workforce productivity in real-time.

Playvox Ideal Customer Profile

Playvox targets companies with contact centers or customer service departments of 100 to 2000 agents as its Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). Services can be scaled to accommodate larger teams based on specific needs.

Target Markets: Born-in-the-cloud-companies

Playvox WFM Integration Services

FrontLogix is your Certified Partner for Playvox WFM integration services. From initial setup, integration and precise data integration to labor forecasting and scheduling, our WFM professionals, integration wizards, and seasoned industry experts offer 24/7 support, ensuring that you get the most out of your investment in Playvox WFM.

Get pricing on Playvox Workforce Engagement Management solution that’s right for you

Discuss your needs with an expert today.

Get pricing on Playvox Workforce Engagement Management solution that’s right for you

Discuss your needs with an expert today.